Animals in the Classroom: An experiment in hands-on learning

A few years ago, I conducted a research experiment with two of my 7th grade science classes at Heritage Academy, Mesa. This experiment was part of an online graduate level course called Research in Science given through the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  After years of teaching science, I noticed how excited students are when [...]

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The Path To Virtue

What does virtue mean to you? Is virtue even worth anything in your eyes? Hopefully your answer to these mandatory life-long questions is "yes". If you are a junior high or high school student and value virtue, then Heritage is the place for you! And if you are a parent looking for a great school [...]

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Reader’s Theater. In History Class!

Theater is a fun, interactive way to help students improve their reading fluency and oral speaking skills. It also gives students a chance to work cooperatively in groups and helps build their confidence, especially for reluctant readers. Knowing these benefits, our 8th grade history teacher, Tauni Orton, has incorporated theater into learning history and [...]

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Math Club Video Challenge!

We need your vote!  Heritage Academy has two awesome videos for you to watch and vote on.  Click on the links below (or copy and paste into your web browser) and sign up for an account, then you'll have access to vote for both of our videos.  The top 100 videos move on to the [...]

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Transferring Can Be Terrifying

Today's blog post for Scholar Talk Tuesday was written by Savvy, a scholar at the Gateway campus. Honestly, transferring to a new school and leaving my friends from elementary school didn’t seem like a great idea to me. After all, I was going to a school where all I’d heard about was how nerdy it [...]

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The Case for the Benedictine Partnership

Early Bachelors Program with Benedictine and Rio Salado College The major challenge in higher education today is affordability. Most universities are in denial that this problem even exist while they continue to raise tuition, add meaningless fees and bury students in debt. Today there are over 44 million students with loans totaling over $1.3 trillion [...]

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Reaching for the Arts

Today's post for Scholar Talk Tuesday was submitted by Shea, a student at our Gateway campus. All across the country, there are thousands of high schools. Heritage Academy Gateway is just one fish in a sea of thousands. But every school is different in its own special way: different classes, different people, different opportunities. Heritage [...]

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Urgent Need for Financial Literacy

Parents today have many worries for their youth. One of the greatest needs today is financial literacy and hardly anyone is teaching the basic concepts that are needed for our youth to face their future. Consider the following statistics from the National Financial Educators Council. 57% of college graduates plan to move back in with [...]

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Becoming Research Rich

Research Rocks! Writing is a critical life skill, but even more so is research.  Currently, Juniors and Seniors of all three Heritage Academy campuses are going through the research paper process.  Some groan and complain that it isn’t relevant or important to anyone but the English teacher.  Here are just a few reasons why we [...]

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