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Study Skills: 6 Tips for Success

Being a math teacher, I am often asked the question, “How do you study for math?”  My answer is practice. Like snowboarding, skateboarding, or even video games, math will get better with practice. However, [...]

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Gamification in Education

Gamification is a great way to help students enjoy learning. Students love to play games. From kindergarteners to college students, games keep learning interesting. If you’re struggling to keep your students’ attention on the [...]

What in the World is that Building?

When you first see the Heritage-Gateway campus standing by itself in the desert, you most likely ask yourself something along the lines of, “What in the world is that building over there?” I too thought [...]

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Animals in the Classroom: An experiment in hands-on learning

A few years ago, I conducted a research experiment with two of my 7th grade science classes at Heritage Academy, Mesa. This experiment was part of an online graduate level course called Research in [...]

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The Path To Virtue

What does virtue mean to you? Is virtue even worth anything in your eyes? Hopefully your answer to these mandatory life-long questions is "yes". If you are a junior high or high school student and [...]

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