Kim's Bio

Kim loves serving, teaching, exceeding expectations, and helping others become their best.  As a Master of Educational Leadership and Bachelor of Science in Education, she has been part of the Heritage Team for over 15 years.  She was the inaugural principal for both Laveen and Maricopa Campuses, building them from zero to thriving in enrollment.

She has a varied background, having lived and traveled to many places—from Washington, Idaho, Ohio, New Hampshire and Tonga to Europe and California. She has been a managing partner of La Musique Academy, executive director-assistant for Actor’s Youth Theatre, assistant principal and mother of 4 children. She also volunteers for church, Red Cross, Special Olympics, and Cardon’s Children’s Hospital.

She may be most remembered for making the welcome announcements as principal, where every day she told the scholars that she loved them. Her philosophy:  everyone deserves to know every day that they are loved!