The Benefits of Teaching at Heritage Academy

Although state funding of public schools has been less than optimal, Heritage Academy is proud to share that our teachers make higher than average salaries, compared across public schools in Arizona. We consider ourselves careful stewards of the State’s funds and put our money toward our most important resources, our teachers and our scholars!

Average Teacher Salaries by Campus:

Campus 2023 2024 Increase Percent Increase
Heritage Academy Gateway $60,010 $61,587 $1,577 2.6%
Heritage Academy Laveen $58,958 $62,205 $3,247 5.6%
Heritage Academy Maricopa $58,477 $62,692 $4,215 7.2%
Heritage Academy Mesa  $58,477 $67,531 $9,054 14.4%
Heritage Academy Pinnacle $54,143 No Prior Year Data No Prior Year Data
Heritage Academy Pointe $54,397 No Prior Year Data No Prior Year Data
Paul Revere Academy $55,714 No Prior Year Data No Prior Year Data

In all cases, we are categorically above the state averages. Of course we pay our teachers according to their qualifications and experience, and staffing qualifications and experience can vary from position to position and campus to campus. We are grateful to attract highly qualified and experienced faculty, with a large number having Masters and PhDs in their subject.

In addition to competitive salaries, Heritage Academy offers a 4-day work week (Monday – Thursday), Health benefits, Free telehealth services, Paid time-off, active PTOs, and participation in the Arizona State Retirement System, plus the opportunity to work with the best faculty and students in the state of Arizona!

We are so grateful for our highly qualified and passionate teachers and everything they do for the wonderful scholars we serve each day.

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