Dress Standards.

One of the most valued objectives at Heritage Academy is to help scholars learn to make responsible choices and thereby be prepared to govern themselves. Our dress code is based on principles of maintaining modesty, cleanliness, and professionalism in your dress. Heritage Academy is not the place to experiment with fads. Hairstyles, clothing, make-up, or jewelry which is distracting by nature is not modest, and therefore violates the dress code. Due to the changing nature of dress and grooming which is particularly popular among youth, administrative decisions in matters not addressed in these guidelines are final.

Our use of the word “uniform” in this handbook is somewhat modified. While we require uniform shirts to be purchased from approved vendors, other articles of clothing can be obtained at other places. Parents and guardians have the responsibility to make sure that their children comply with our dress code before bringing them to school. Scholars not in compliance with the dress code will be asked to change or sent home.

When scholars are on campus during school days, they are to be in full uniform. Full uniform is required for all activities held during or immediately following school hours. The only exception to this rule is when the instructor requires alternate clothing for a class. Clothing changes under such circumstances are to be made during class time. While on campus, scholars are not to change out of their uniform prior to leaving campus for the day. On non-school days, such as Fridays and Saturdays, scholars must still conform to the Heritage standards of modesty. For more information, see Friday Activities under Dress Code for Scholar Activities on page 23 of the Scholar Handbook.

Uniform Clothing

To be in full uniform, scholars must wear the Heritage uniform shirt, shorts, pants, or skirts, and footwear, all of which meets the requirements below.

  • Heritage uniform shirts must be purchased online from Tommy Hilfiger, Dennis Uniforms, Printed Desert, or Lands’ End, and must be embroidered with the Heritage logo. Be sure to buy uniform shirts long enough (even after laundering) to prevent the showing of skin from the midriff or back when standing, sitting, moving, stretching, bending, etc. Scholars whose midriff shows will not be allowed in class. Any shirt worn under a Heritage shirt must be solid red, white, or navy with no words or graphics.

Pants or shorts must be solid beige khaki or navy blue- the same color as our navy-blue Heritage uniform

  • shirts. No jeans, baggy pants, sweatpants, pants with holes, pants which are frayed, or have cut-leg appearance will be allowed. Also, no pockets, loops, designs or other décor are allowed on the legs. Cargo shorts and cargo pants are not allowed, but outside pockets on front and rear are allowed. Shorts can be no shorter than four inches above the middle of the kneecap. Leggings worn under are not a substitute for the length of the shorts. Legging cannot be worn as a substitute for pants. 


  • Skirts are to be solid navy blue or beige khaki and may not be denim or sheer. Skirts must be no shorter than the top of the knee when sitting or standing (front and back. Leggings are not a substitute for skirt length. 


  • Shoes may be open-toed and must have a back support. Shoelaces are always to be tied. No slides or flip flops are allowed. Grades K-5 must be closed-toe with a strap on the back.  


  • Winter wear: Heritage branded outerwear can be purchased through a variety of departments on campus. Approved outerwear bears the Heritage logo and other academic, arts, or athletic icons.


All Heritage sponsored outerwear is acceptable if approved by the campus administration. Otherwise, any solid red, white, or navy blue sweater, sweatshirt, coat, or jacket is acceptable (the inside may be a different color than the outside, but the inside must be solid red, white, navy blue, black, gray, or white). This outerwear may not have any pictures, logos, or any writing on it.


Uniform Clothing for PE and Sports

All scholars in sports or PE classes will wear the Heritage PE uniform. Instructors are required to enforce this rule. Scholars may be required to wear spandex shorts under their PE shorts, depending on instructor preference. A team uniform option may be available.



Hair should not distract from the learning environment. It must be a natural color and should not cover eyes. Boys’ hair length must be worn above the collar and not touching the ears. Any sideburns are to be no lower than the ear lobe. Boys are to be clean shaven. Girls’ hair can be any length, but must not be extreme in style. 


Jewelry and Other Items

Makeup and jewelry should be simple and not attract unreasonable attention.


Body and facial piercing, gauges, and plugs are not allowed. Girls’ earrings should be worn in the earlobe and not be distracting or extreme in nature. Boys should not wear earrings. 


  • No more than one small bracelet per wrist may be worn.
  • No more than one necklace may be worn.
  • No visible tattoos, permanent or temporary, and no writing or drawing on the skin.
  • No make-up is permitted in classrooms.
  • No curlers, curling irons, hair dryers, etc., are allowed at school.
  • No hats are allowed in the building.
  • No dark glasses are allowed in the building.


With respect to any other item in the classroom not mentioned in this handbook, each teacher has authority to say what will or will not be allowed in his or her classroom.

Dress Code for Scholar Activities

Heritage hosts events and activities for scholars during which scholars are not required to wear their uniforms, such as sports, Dollars for Duds Days, Spirit Days, field trips and tours, drama productions, dances, etc., as well as occasional tutoring or other meetings on Fridays or Saturdays. During such events all clothing must meet Heritage standards. Clothing displaying words and pictures which are degrading to others or which leave questions as to their meaning must be avoided. No scholar will be allowed to participate in any Heritage activity who does not comply with our dress code.

Dollars for Duds Day and Friday Activities

Dollars for Duds Day is a fundraiser run by the Scholar Council. This is a day when scholars pay a fee to wear clothes other than the school uniform, if they choose to participate in the fundraiser. (There is no fee required if they choose to wear their uniform.) Monies collected are used for scholar activities. Dollars for Duds is not a time to wear costumes, pajamas, etc. All clothes worn must still meet our standards of modesty with sleeves, no showing of the midriff, no torn, shabby or frayed material, and positive, uplifting words or graphics, etc. These rules also apply to activities, including tutoring, held on Fridays and Saturdays, but no fee payment is required on these days.

Spirit Days

Guidelines for Spirit Day attire are left up to each campus’ Principal. 


Heritage hosts a variety of traditional high school dances throughout the year. Chaperones will strictly ensure that these guidelines are followed and will ask participants to conform before being admitted to the dance.

Formal Dance Dress Code

  • Dresses are to have sleeves that cover the shoulder. Shawls may not be used in place of sleeves, and any bolero or shrug-type jacket should not be removed during the dance, including for pictures.
  • Necklines must not reveal cleavage.
  • The backs of dresses should be above mid-back.
  • Midriffs should not be revealed.
  • All dresses must come to the knee, in the front and the back, when sitting or standing.
  • No jeans.
  • Young men should wear suits, tuxedos, or collared shirts, ties and slacks.

To order uniforms, click HERE.