Fast Track 2 Bachelor’s Degree

Welcome to your path to higher ed! We’ve made the path efficient, seamless and do-able through an innovative program with elite, values-based institutions in Arizona.

What are the benefits?  While the benefits are extensive, a few highlights of this program are:

  1. Save two years by earning your Associate’s during high school.
  2. Learn from college-level instructors during high school
  3. Seamlessly transfer to BenU where you finish your Bachelor’s in 2 years instead of 4.
  4. Reduce, or even eliminate, student debt for higher ed.  {Savings of approx. $20,000 per year}.
  5. This simplified path is still a four-year degree from a highly esteemed university, but started 2 years earlier.
The Crisis

The major challenge in higher education today is affordability. Most universities are in denial that this problem even exists while they continue to raise tuition, add meaningless fees and bury students in debt.

Today there are over 44 million students with loans totaling over $1.3 trillion dollars. The average graduate in 2016 had student debt of $37,172. This financial burden stops many from starting, completing or finishing in a timely manner. There must be another way and now there is for Heritage Academy scholars.

How can I start?  

Step 1: Enroll with Heritage Academy. When you are in 8th grade, we outline all your Dual Enrollment classes and draw out the path to earn your Associate’s.

Step 2: In 9th grade, enroll with Rio Salado for dual credit. (Discounted tuition, plus scholarships available)

Step 3: With a 3.0 GPA and letter of recommendation, you transfer right in to Benedictine University’s Bachelor program.

Early Bachelors Program with Benedictine and Rio Salado College

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Benedictine University and Rio Salado College where our scholars can start working on their bachelors degree while at Heritage Academy.

Heritage Academy already partners with Rio Salado College to provide all the Dual Enrollment classes needed for an Associates of Arts degree. This can be accomplished in the regular four years due to our innovative 4-day schedule without summer school. Now, these credits will cleanly transfer to BenU and scholars can finish a bachelor degree in two more years.

Imagine what one can do by earning a bachelor degree two years earlier? While nothing is guaranteed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the positive impact of higher educational attainment.

Benedictine students major in Accounting, Management and Organizational Behavior, Communication Arts, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts and Design, Nutrition, Political Science, Psychology, among other things.

For another 18 months, a student can finish a Benedictine MBA and further enhance their earning potential and employability.

These programs are provided for every Heritage scholar at each of our campuses. While everyone might not be finishing all the credits for an Associates degree, our partners with Rio Salado and Benedictine will make a personalized plan to complete a Benedictine Bachelor’s plan in a timely manner. Even finishing one year early has tremendous benefits.

Come take a tour of a Heritage Academy today and learn more about the innovative opportunities for your scholar.

About Heritage Academy 

Heritage Academy is dedicated to youth, their growth and development. The purpose of education is to build strong character. Strong character is reflected in strong families, strong communities and a strong nation.

While teaching the academic disciplines, Heritage Academy is dedicated to instilling into the minds and hearts of today’s youth a knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, including those who founded the American nation.

As today’s rising generation gains an appreciation of these people of accomplishment, they will be ready to provide the selfless service to their fellow citizens and to their country which will be required in the coming years to assist in preserving America’s greatness. Heritage Academy exists to this end.

About Benedictine University

Recognizing that sustainable growth and prosperity starts with providing resources to educate the minds of its masses, the City of Mesa embarked on a journey to attract a distinguished university that would help revitalize its downtown area while giving the city and area residents something it lacked.

As part of Mesa’s HEAT Initiative, Benedictine University, based in Lisle, Ill., just outside of Chicago, was invited to be the first institution of higher education to locate a campus in Mesa.

Benedictine University at Mesa is a branch campus of Benedictine University, which is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools ( and licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education to operate an accredited, degree-granting institution of higher learning in Arizona.

Forbes magazine named Benedictine among “America’s Top Colleges” for the fourth consecutive year in 2014. Education and technology blog edcetera named Benedictine University at Mesa among 10 universities in the nation on the cutting edge of tech for 2013.

Benedictine University at Mesa is a Roman Catholic university that offers traditional undergraduate and adult and graduate degrees in a diverse and caring environment. A core Benedictine value is living life in balance. In support of this ideal, Benedictine offers a burgeoning intercollegiate sports program, student groups, fitness facility access and other services toward fulfilling our promise to provide students an affordable and attainable values-based education that builds better learners, leaders and world citizens.

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