18 June 2020


Dear Heritage Families,


We are looking forward to seeing each of you again on August 3rd. We continue to plan for a full reopening in the upcoming school year that includes the full package of academics, electives, tours, and trips.


Recently, over 1,200 families shared valuable information to us on returning and how we can open in a safe and meaningful way. From this survey, a majority said they are comfortable sending their child back in the fall and are comfortable with their child participating in classes that include close contact such as ballroom dance. Most also prefer a regular full-time school model with appropriate precautions in place. An internal survey of our faculty showed similar results.


With this feedback, we will continue to plan on returning to our regular classical academic model on campus. 


State law currently allows public schools (district or charter) to administer education either online or in a traditional classroom setting. There is no State law that currently allows a blended or hybrid educational model. 


As a public charter school, Heritage Academy is authorized by the State to run a traditional classroom model only. The previous survey captured information on some families who preferred an online model. We expect to receive more information from the State approving flexibility to administer school online. We will provide additional information as soon as we learn more.


Our reopening plan has two phases. Phase 1 will be the preparation phase completed by 15 July 2020. This phase includes additional cleaning of the facilities, procurement of additional cleaning supplies and training for our faculty. Phase 2 begins on 15 July 2020 as we continue to monitor the health and well being of our school and surrounding community. This includes more frequent daily cleaning of our facilities and encouragement of  more personal hygiene like handwashing. 


Key to this plan are the proven methods to avoid transmission of infectious disease such as regular hand washing and staying home for individuals who feel sick. We will support those who are concerned about the health risks of returning to school by allowing scholars and faculty to wear masks as they feel appropriate.


Since Spring Break we have been in constant communication with our Local, State, and Federal leadership regarding any government required restrictions. We will continue to be in contact with the various government agencies who are providing guidance on this matter. Due to a recent Executive Order from Governor Ducey, face coverings may be required per mandates from the city. 


This morning our Governing Boards approved a Heritage Academy contingency plan required by the State for schools to fully return and reopen. A summary of these plans are attached HERE. This plan contains additional details referenced in the two phases previously referenced. A copy of this plan will be available next week on our website HERE


I have been impressed with how our teachers and families have responded to the many challenges and look forward to a full reopening next month. Thank you for your feedback and understanding during these difficult times.




Jared Taylor

Governing Board Chair

Heritage Academy Schools

(480) 969-5641