Be a Hero

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it means to be a hero? Or daydreaming of being there in the nick of time to save someone from grave danger? What does it really mean to be a hero and who earns that title? One of our 11th grade scholars from the Gateway campus -- we [...]

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My guide to purchasing school uniforms while saving money and saving time. By Alice DeWitt, Heritage Academy Parent If my kids actually understood the reference to a “broken record,” they would tell me that’s what I sound like when I repeatedly remind them how lucky they are to wear a uniform to school. When [...]

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A Presidents Day Message from Our Charter President

Dear Heritage Families, In February Americans have traditionally celebrated the birthdays of President George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. A number of years ago, the birthday celebrations were combined into President’s Day.  With that change, many of the valuable ideals and philosophies of these great men were forgotten. At Heritage, our mission is to instill in [...]

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Gateway Campus Announces a 6th Grade

Heritage Academy is excited to announce that next July (2019-2020 school year) we will have a 6th grade at our Gateway campus in Queen Creek! In response to parent requests in the community over the past 2 years, we have developed curriculum, reallocated space in our facility (reallocating a whole set of classrooms on [...]

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A letter from our Charter President

A Letter from our Charter President + a weekly update: Dear Heritage Families, The start of a new school year brings a wonderful combination of excitement and nervousness. Scholars as well as teachers look forward to making new friends and succeeding in new endeavors. As we start this year, I’m excited to report that [...]

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New Book Release: The Real James Madison

The moment you've all been waiting for! Our very own Dr. Joe Wolverton has written and published our next Founding Father's series, The Real James Madison. The book is available for pre-sale, starting next week. Please follow this link to purchase your own copy! PURCHASE HERE

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The Benefits of Studying Languages

As a Latin teacher and Classical philologist, I can tell you that the more languages you learn, the more you train your mind to see linguistic connections. Your brain will compare one language to another while learning a new language and see the similarities and differences between them, thereby making it easier to learn that [...]

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Dancing through High School

Our scholars weigh in on the benefits of ballroom dance. Enjoy! Some people may ask "what is ballroom?" Or "why spend the time taking ballroom?" Ballroom is, to me, an art. The dancer is the paint brush, the stage is the canvas. Having a partner is the frame around our [...]

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How to Study for Finals… Stress Free!

Today's post for Scholar Talk Tuesday was submitted by Alexandra: Procrastination is one of the many things that you do while attempting to study for finals. Whether it be watching TV or cleaning your room, high school scholars do anything to keep from studying. Personally, my favorite form is watching YouTube videos and claiming that [...]

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Dual Enrollment Registration Info & College Tuition Assistance

Hello Parents, Dual Enrollment Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is just right around the corner. This means that your child can begin earning college credits next year while attending high school. Certain Heritage Academy courses that your child is already taking may be eligible for Dual Enrollment credit. Taking Dual Enrollment courses through Rio [...]

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