Today’s post for Scholar Talk Tuesday was submitted by Shea, a student at our Gateway campus.

All across the country, there are thousands of high schools. Heritage Academy Gateway is just one fish in a sea of thousands. But every school is different in its own special way: different classes, different people, different opportunities. Heritage Academy is no exception. Heritage offers a wide variety of classes, has so many incredible people, and presents plenty of once in a lifetime opportunities, especially in the area of fine arts.

Let’s be real. Every school has had to cut some club or program due to budget issues. Sadly, fine arts programs are often the first to go, but Heritage doesn’t let that happen! Choir always has sturdy risers to perform on. Drama never fails to put together splendid sets for their plays. The dancers wear stunning costumes for their many pieces. Even orchestra and band get new sheet music and instruments.  All fine arts are given equal opportunities to help you succeed in the arts.

Fine arts programs are great, but they wouldn’t be anything without teachers, and the teachers here at Heritage are the best of the best. These teachers take so much of their own personal time and put forth their best efforts to make their programs as spectacular as they can. They want you to be the best you can be, and they’ll do whatever they can to help you reach your goals.

The chances to shine in the arts programs at Heritage Academy are endless. The choir, orchestra, and dance programs travel to Disneyland every year to perform or even compete. Drama has performed diversely different plays, a few being Little Women, Our Town, and even Jungle Book. Band and Orchestra allow students to try instruments they’ve never laid a finger on before. The choirs teach students who are scared to sing in front of a single soul to sing in front of an audience of a thousand people. Where else are you going to get chances like that?

Even though Heritage Academy Gateway may be a small school you’ve have never heard of or only recognize as “the big church-looking building on Germann”, the arts programs here are bigger than you can imagine. The fine arts programs are special not because of the costumes or the instruments or the song choices, though those are all great things. The fine arts programs are special because of the people, both students and teachers, and the commitment they have to the arts. They are so devoted to keeping alive what most schools are considering good as dead. Fine arts are dying at schools everywhere, but everyone at Heritage Academy is reaching to make sure that never happens here.


Blog post written by Shea Johnson from our Gateway campus