The Heritage Academy (Mesa) Chamber Orchestra has safely returned home from our Southern California 2018 Tour!

What a jam packed weekend full of fun memories including a chilly breakfast at the beach, ultimate Frisbee, a day full of music, an evening on a yacht at the San Diego bay, and a wonderful day at Sea World!

The music that we shared between the groups during Friday’s festival was just awesome.  Our group had the opportunity to listen to our Choirs (and others) sing in the morning – then we performed early afternoon.  What an honor to be part of something extra magical.  The spirit that accompanied this ensembles warm up and performance, was a perfect example of why it is that we do what we do.  It reaches far beyond the correct notes and rhythm.  It reaches inside of us and brings out all the good, the humanity, the love, the gratitude, and humility and somehow transcends beyond any words, and is very evidently felt and expressed through the music played.

It is such an honor to be a part of these life changing experiences with our students.  We have been lifted to a ‘higher ground’ so to speak.  Witnessing the satisfaction in each of our Chamber orchestras countenances was truly priceless.  They definitely performed with poise, enthusiasm, grace, and selflessness.  Bravo to each member.  Through the feedback our clinician shared with us, he clearly felt the emotion and passion that our orchestra possesses, and was very complimentary to our group and thanked them for sharing their efforts with him and all those in attendance.

Our rating was GOLD, which is the highest rating at a festival like this.  Our ranking was FIRST.  We also took First place in the strings orchestra division, and with the efforts of the entire Heritage music program that was represented at the festival, took the SWEEPSTAKES award for the festival.  This is the culminating, final award presented at the evening’s ceremony and believe me, our students were beaming and just a little bit bananas!  It was an incredible experience to witness their joy – as each member knew that through their selflessness was this accomplishment achieved.

Congratulations to all of our Heroes.  It is an honor to be a part of you world!

As well,  what an honor  it is to work with such outstanding teachers, departments chair, and chaperones :  Jordan Rakita, Kerwin Blau, Anna Phelps, Amy Nyman, and James Rajewski. This group is the best of the best!

With much love, appreciation, and respect,

Sandra J