Being a math teacher, I am often asked the question, “How do you study for math?”  My answer is practice. Like snowboarding, skateboarding, or even video games, math will get better with practice. However, there are some other key tips that are important for success. Here are my 6 tips for effective studying:
1.  Review and Rewrite Notes: Seems like a lot of work at first, but by rewriting is actually a form of studying. Spend just a few minutes each day and it helps for recall, as well as better organization.  Be sure to highlight, underline or circle key things that are important.
2.  Use Note cards: Note cards are great for recalling fast information, like vocabulary, formulas or math facts.  Note cards are also helpful for sorting paragraph ideas for writing essays or tracking sources for a research paper.
3.  Quiet Area: Be sure that the area you choose is adequate for studying, free from distractions. Setup your study area with the appropriate supplies and resources.
4. Schedule a Time for Studying: Plan when you will study and keep the “appointment”.
5.  Take Breaks: Set a timer for 30 minutes or choose a goal of what you want to accomplish, like 10 math problems. Make the breaks quick (5-10 minutes) and meaningful. Perhaps it’s a good time for a snack or a fast activity (i.e. take out the garbage, throw clothes in the washer).
6.  Organization: Clean out your backpacks, folders, and notebooks regularly. Consider color coding folders, spiral notebooks, or colored divider tabs. Use different colored pens and highlighters. Using different colors can help draw the eye to details that you want to recall. Use a planner.
Good luck and happy studying.
Blog post contribution by Anna Weiler, a Pre-Algebra Teacher at our Gateway campus