Research Rocks!

Writing is a critical life skill, but even more so is research.  Currently, Juniors and Seniors of all three Heritage Academy campuses are going through the research paper process.  Some groan and complain that it isn’t relevant or important to anyone but the English teacher.  Here are just a few reasons why we want our scholars to be research rich!

  1. We live in a world of technology and information.  Learning where databases are will help them utilize the sources that are available in the 21st century.
  2. When scholars learn to find answers to questions, they are using research skills.  Many youth don’t want to listen to another lecture, so research allows them to learn on their own.  
  3. Research uncovers options they must evaluate and decide what they will use to support their claims.  Every day we must sift through material, evaluate what is credible, and make informed choices about the given data.
  4. Our world is chaotic and research helps us learn how to organize data.  Brains experience dissonance without organization.  Learning this simple skill assists in more mental peace.
  5. Global communication has broadened lines of communication.  Learning how to select words and use them to encode specific messages is valuable to those who use social media as well as those who live in families.  Written communication needs to be specific and clear before we push the “send” button and publicize our thoughts.
  6. Some research sources require more critical reading for better comprehension.  Scholars will later need these skills when they sign contracts to buy a home, a car, or medical insurance.  Today they need them for scholarships, job benefits, and applications to school or for employment.  Knowing how to read and understand the “fine print” is a financially smart skill.
  7. Research reveals options.  The world becomes a bigger place when information opens doors of opportunity.  Learning how to search, where to search, and what is credible is an extremely important safeguard.

Why research?  Because it is a life skill practiced every single day of our lives.  Yes indeed, Research Rocks!

Research Cycle

Blog contribution by Heritage Academy teacher