Being on the cutting edge of technology is key to the future.  That’s why Heritage Academy continues to partner with the best technology providers for your scholar.

Over the summer Heritage installed the complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite on every computer in the computer labs.

Being proficient in Adobe tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom will greatly enhance the Digital Photography classes. In Yearbook class, the scholars will be able to use Adobe InDesign as the software to create the yearbook. These unique skills are used worldwide in the graphic design, photography, and publishing industries.

In addition to these incredible Adobe products, each school computer also was upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10 with the latest Microsoft Office Suite 2016. Being proficient in the latest office productivity software is required in the fast moving society we live in today.

These and other great pieces of technology are offered at no cost to the scholar at school. Classes like Dual Enrollment Computer Information Systems, Advanced Computing and others will continue to be offered as ways to explore and learn many other amazing aspects of current technology.


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