Dedicated to youth, their growth and development, Heritage Academy teaches the mastery of primary and secondary skills in the fields of history, math, writing, literature, reading, science, music, foreign language, visual art, performing arts, and physical development.  By offering a variety of programs such as history tours, a performing arts retreat, basketball, soccer (Laveen Campus Calendar), and more, Heritage Academy strives to meet the needs of families in the Southwest Valley.   

Heritage Academy also has a strong commitment to the teachers at our school.  We have a positive working environment, a 4 day work week (M-TH), offer a competitive salary and participate in the Arizona State Retirement System.  We are accepting resumes in all academic disciplines (English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and world languages) as well as Special Education and administrative positions.

What can you expect if you join our team?  A dedicated principal and vice principal who work tirelessly to ensure the needs of the teachers as well as the scholars are met.  Peers who care about seeing you succeed and truly enjoy working at Heritage.


Tara Miller (BA, MEd), English and Yearbook

“One of the things I truly love about working at Heritage Laveen is the sense of community felt by the students, teachers and parents.  The school brings together such a diverse group of people who work together to help our scholars find their success.   Students are collaborating, learning multiple perspectives and growing as individuals, while, at the same time challenging themselves academically.   It’s beautiful to watch scholars who might not have ever met, work together to produce a product or discover an idea.  They are being prepared for the real world.   So far this year, I have watched my students discover themselves with the support from their teachers, parents, our dedicated PTO group, and most of all their peers.  I’m proud to work at Heritage. “


Alicia Guenthner (BA, MA in Special Education), Special Education

“The vibe and environment is very positive here at Heritage Academy. It feels like a tight knit community, where teachers want to help the students succeed and families are very involved in their children’s education. The expectations are high and challenges students to work hard towards their goals and aspirations for the future. For a quality education and caring teachers, Heritage Academy in Laveen is the way to go. “


Sederis Ford (BA)

“This school year is my second year teaching at Heritage Academy Laveen. It has been one of my most fulfilling teaching experiences thus far. The community and parent participation has made teaching at Heritage Academy Laveen very special.”


Beth Farris (BA), Registrar

I consistently hear students say that they have never felt more cared for at a school.  Our small environment combined with quality teachers, a mission to make a difference in our community, and high standards of performance combine to create an educational experience that is unmatched.”


Jennifer Foerst (AA), ELL coordinator

“My husband and I were looking at different schools for our two daughters.  A friend of mine gave me some information about Heritage Academy Laveen.  After attending an open house, we were very impressed with the curriculum and the arts program.  My daughters loved Heritage so much, that I decided that I wanted to be a part of their educational team as well.” 


Isaac Demke (BS), Science

“My time teaching in Laveen has been an incredible experience.  The students that I have had the opportunity to teach have far exceeded my expectations.  I have been overwhelmed by the desire to learn demonstrated by my students and the level of support they receive from their parents.  As I have taught the juniors and seniors, I have seen the drive and ambition many of them exhibit as they pursue and prepare themselves for higher education.  Their work ethic makes be proud to be part of this community.”


Esther T. Golding (BA, MA Secondary Education, MA Fine Art, Adjunct Professor MCCC & Ottawa University), English

“Heritage Academy Laveen is a great school.  I find the parents to be very supportive and they really go out of their way to support the learning process.  I like the energy and creativity the youth bring to assignments.  Because of the encouragement of friends, these young people at Heritage Academy Laveen take risks and try many diverse extracurricular activities.  I love watching them grow and develop in academic and social skills.”

We are accepting resumes for all grade levels.  A Bachelor’s degree is required for 7th and 8th grade teachers.  We are also looking for candidates who have taught college or university level courses or in a dual/concurrent enrollment capacity for 9-12 grades.  Visit our website  for more information.


If you are interested in working at Heritage, please email a cover letter and resume to

Heritage Academy invites interested families to call the office to schedule a tour of the campus and speak with teachers, staff and scholars about Heritage’s unique curriculum and educational opportunities.  You may bring a completed application to the school located at 4275 W. Baseline Road Laveen, AZ 85339.  Go to & click “Apply” to download all the necessary forms.  If you have questions, you can reach us at or call (602) 290-8546.  

Heritage Academy Hosting an Open House: Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 at 7:00 pm