There’s a bizarre illness that many people around 17 or 18 years of age fall victim to once in their lives. There are many dangerous symptoms of this illness: severe lack of motivation, extreme anxiety, and an unusually high number of missing assignments are just a few. What is this scary sickness called, you ask? It’s called senioritis.

This disease normally hits around January during a person’s senior year. Most of these people have already been accepted into a college, and their grades don’t have as much importance as they used to. This leaves these students extremely susceptible to the senioritis bug. Once they’ve been bitten by the senioritis bug, there’s no going back. After that, projects only get completed halfway, homework assignments don’t get done, and 

*Sorry, my senioritis got the best of me. This blog post will remain unfinished*

So all the next seniors, be warned! Keep those hands washed and schedules full so that you’re not susceptible to this dangerous bug!

This blog post was written by Shea Johnson *2019 senior* from the Gateway campus (written May 2019)