Heritage Academy is just a boring, stuffy school for nerds, right? Wrong! If you spend even a single moment inside the building, you’ll see that these four stories are the stage for countless other stories. So, without further ado, here are seven facts about Heritage Academy. How many did you know?

  1. Heritage Academy has Fridays off. Similarly to college schedules, Heritage Academy follows an “AB” pattern with its classes, with some classes commencing on Monday and Wednesday, and others on Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Heritage Academy offers Dual Enrollment classes. Select classes, such as Calculus, Physics, and English 101, available to the Dual Enrollment option. With Dual Enrollment, students are able to save time and money on classes that they would take in college anyway.
  3. Heritage Academy has a uniform. Students wear a red, blue, or white polo shirt emblazoned with the Heritage Academy logo. However, Heritage Academy students aren’t always wearing these outfits. On designated “Dollars for Duds” days, students can pay to wear regular clothes. Additionally, certain classes participate in “Dress for Success” where students wear fancy clothes on the days of their performances.
  4. Heritage Academy is both a High School and a Jr. High. Quite a few Heritage Academy students have siblings who also attend to the school. The familial relationships can help Heritage students feel even more like one big family
  5. Heritage Academy offers a wide variety of Physical Education classes. There’s so many that it might end up being hard to choose. Heritage Academy offers Kenpo, Basketball, Weights, Football, and Swim, just to name a few. Not only is there a wide variety, but a many of them do excellently in competition. It seems like there’s a new announcement congratulating a sports team every week.
  6. Heritage Academy offers a wide variety of Fine Arts classes. We don’t just offer a lot of sports. Among others, students can take Orchestra, Choir, Art, Drama, and Ballroom. Also, most classes conclude with a demonstration of skill at the end of the semester, such as the choir concert or the drama play.
  7. Heritage Academy teaches about the lives of the founding fathers. We learn from the lives of the people who worked to make America the way it is, and make sure to learn valuable lessons from their actions.

Still think that Heritage Academy is a crummy school for weirdos? Come take a tour and see how fantastic Heritage really is! 

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Blog post written by Tristan Manha, scholar at our Gateway campus