We want you for sports at Heritage Academy!

Sports are everywhere!  In the park, the street, the backyard, the dirt lot, and the schools.  Why come to Heritage when other schools have sport programs? Why come here when other schools win state championships?  Well guess what… we win state championships In fact, we won six last year alone and don’t even get me started on our Cross Country teams wild success this year.  Aside from all of our winning, we have qualities in our sports that are hard to find in the big schools.  They are student run, they create bonds, and we have heart.

Why? Because like everything else at this school we are creating sports are own way, the way we want, and the sports we want.  Our sports are new and allow new athletes. What does that mean for you? You’ll join with other scholars to make your favorite sport or sports the best they can.  You can help get peopled hyped for your game, encourage others to join, and create a better unity.  The sports are very student run.  You will hear announcements about practices, you will see posters, and can bring your influence.  You will be able to play the sports you want and will succeed in the sports you are in. Other schools have large sports that you would have to have been playing since the time you were 5, but what if you decided you wanted to try basketball, soccer, volleyball, or all three?  Here at Heritage you’ll have that opportunity.  Our teams need the students, our team will be nothing without you.  You will not be forgotten. You will be remembered.  The other schools could care less if you’re in or not.  Plus, they are so big you will lose track of who is on the team. Losing the aspect of family.

Here you’ll be family. Seriously, You will make lifelong friends, you will make new brothers and sisters, you will have an opportunity to support your family.  If you deserve to play because of the work you put in, you will get a chance to play.  Plus, your sport family will continue past the practice field into the school and our personal life.  I mean the team will have parties after, will see how each other are doing in school, and will support your fellow brothers and sisters.  Our sports create an unity you will not feel anywhere else.

Heart is a term some people hear others don’t.  Our teams have heart. Whether it’s bonding together after an athlete suffers from heat stroke and help him getting back into the sport again, to facing a devastating rejection of trophies and getting up and destroying the competition the next day.  Having a team stay positive and giving it there all even though they have a terrible record and only one win.  Our teams have an incredible amount of heart.  You will grow and succeed. You will receive support from your teammates.  So what is keeping you from playing sports from Heritage Academy Gateway?  

Blog post written by Daniel Tietjen, a scholar from the Gateway campus