What does virtue mean to you? Is virtue even worth anything in your eyes?

Hopefully your answer to these mandatory life-long questions is “yes”. If you are a junior high or high school student and value virtue, then Heritage is the place for you! And if you are a parent looking for a great school for your student, and you want them to receive an education at a values-based school that supports virtue, we have a solution for you! 

Heritage Academy actually dedicates an entire class to teaching scholars of the standards, truths, and morals. This class, called citizenship, happens between your scholars second and third period. The main purpose is to teach your scholars about our country’s founding fathers. Who better to learn virtue from than the men and women who made America, and the constitution! Not only that but no matter who it is that’s studied, there is an entire year dedicated to them! Your scholar will know more about that particular founding father than most other people in this here free country! Your beloved kids will learn tons about that particular founding father, and better still it adds to their character! They will be able to think reasonably and make decisions based on their own intellect. Who doesn’t want that for their child?! This is an opportunity for them to learn and grow with the right sunlight, and help them better prepare for the world they all have to enter at one point. You as parents or guardians want your kids to be ready, right? Well that’s precisely what this class is meant for. To teach your kids how to reason and make the decision they fee is right, to shape them up and prepare them for this corrupt, unjust world we live in. Here at heritage virtue is key, along with individuality and freedom. This class is meant to better your child, expand their mind, and fill them with true knowledge. This again will be helping their reasoning because to be quite honest reasoning is something most teens don’t have, and if they can reason and think they’ll make the right decision, and if they make the right decision they’ll propel themselves further in the right directions and mature quicker than most others do. They will also be more likely to ask questions and learn and add depth to their knowledge. The knowledge they learn will be used in everyday life, from the moment they learn it to the moment they no longer need worry of problems. That is why citizenship is one of the best and most useful features that heritage has to offer to your scholar.

Blog post written by Marcus Andersona scholar at our Gateway campus