Today’s blog post for Scholar Talk Tuesday was written by Savvy, a scholar at the Gateway campus.

Honestly, transferring to a new school and leaving my friends from elementary school didn’t seem like a great idea to me. After all, I was going to a school where all I’d heard about was how nerdy it is. Transitioning can be so much harder than anyone tells you. Yes, Heritage Academy is the big intimidating-looking school in the middle of Queen Creek, but you have no idea how amazing it is on the inside. Walking into a new school knowing only yourself and no one else is probably one of the most scary feelings. Until, one person comes up to you and just starts talking. It seems like you have known them forever. It feels like they have been your best friend for life. They talk to you every time they see you, they start sitting with you at lunch, and then everyone knows you two are best friends. It isn’t just a person you hangout with; they become one of the most important people ever.

That is what you look forward to when you get to school. That is probably the best thing about Heritage Academy: The people. The everlasting friendships. The hilarious inside jokes and conversations you have with them. No matter what class you with them you always end up sitting with them. If you think about it you can not make memories unless you have people to share it with.

Heritage Academy would not be Heritage Academy without the people. The fun, sarcastic, wonderful, amazing, people that make your school years at Heritage Academy even better. Yes we have every Friday off that is pretty great too. You are not going to remember what classes you took but the people you have them with. You’re going to remember the interesting times in science, or falling off your friends back at lunch while trying to take a group photo.  The people at Heritage Academy will probably be the highlight of your school experience. It may be difficult leaving everyone you knew from another school, but you will make new friends and new memories here. Heritage Academy may not seem like your first choice, but once you look inside, you will see its the best choice. And the people you will meet will be worth more than you ever expected.   

Blog post written by Savvy Starks.