When you first see the Heritage-Gateway campus standing by itself in the desert, you most likely ask yourself something along the lines of, “What in the world is that building over there?”

I too thought the same exact thing! Not only that, but I was genuinely intimidated by the height and architecture of the building as well.

When I heard that I’d be attending this school, I had a few questions that I dreaded asking myself.

Will I be able to maintain my grades? Will I be able to fit in? Let’s be honest, you’ve probably thought the same thing at least once in your life. Even though most people see me as being a very intellectual person, I’m not really. Knowing that, I surprising was able to maintain some decent grades my freshman year. Not only that, but my grades have been steadily improving over the years. Was I able fit in with everyone else in the end? I’m not someone who talks too much, but I was able to make some good friends after being here for a while.

Don’t worry though, the outside of the school doesn’t intimidate me anymore because I now know what it’s on the inside.

Throughout the years that I’ve been here, I learned something about this school. There’s a lot more than meets the eye. We aren’t a school that you’ll find just anywhere. Of course lots of people say that about their school, but I can’t emphasize enough how unique our school is! We are definitely a school that allows scholars to learn about our founding fathers, but there’s something even more unique about our school.

Our teachers are what makes our school so unique.

Within my very first year attending Heritage Academy, I noticed how much dedication they put into their classes. It didn’t seem like the teachers from my previous school wanted to help the students that were struggling to succeed, but I saw the exact opposite here. Just about everyday I see a teacher offer help to a student that doesn’t quite understand what we are learning about. On top of this, the teachers are quite friendly and easy to get along with, which is the opposite of what I was expecting before attending my first week here.

Let’s be real here though, if I really can’t emphasize how unique our school is, then you should definitely try experiencing it for yourself. I can guarantee you that there is definitely more than meets the eye at our school.


Blog post written by Francisco Martinez, scholar at Gateway campus